Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Three I think as I missed a day.....

Dam i didnt mean too but it was such a busy day and it started with an early morning, very early morning like 0200 from my ex declaring love for me and wanted to know where it had all gone wrong. I ignores it went back to sleep and got up at 515 to take Steve to the airport as he was off to Singapore. He aslo reaffirmed that our bet of 60 days still stands so I said Your On. He is not back for 28 days so by then I should be 5 kilos lighter and I was already in my mind thinking about thats a long time without a drink. Fuck . ANyway dropped him then just as i pulled up at 7 am tracy pulled up to pick me up to go to beach for walk and swim as Suzzanr was missing in action with the lover. Tracys man was stalking her and she was furious anyway we had our walk a nice swim then had breakky before heading home. I went straight to the gym continued reading my new book then went to the beach for enough time to read the sunday paper on the front and a chapter on the back so the sun tan was even and then raced to the growers mart picked up supplies went home packed the picnic basket grabbed tilly and her friend and headed off to the river for a picnic. About 24 people turned up icluding a film friend who my ex always cried on her shoulder particularly over our debacle last year adnwho chose to ring me one night drunk and ask me how many hearts I planned on breaking and rad de rah rah knowing full well I had been waiting for 4 years for him to make a committment but hadnt before i met Colin who i later had to forfeit and go back to Dillo who then puled back and has punished me ever since overweight mother of 2 et etc thus the ex so I just smiled sweetly and said nought. She asked me to join her later for a drink but I was in a Bikini and caftan beautiful as it was but certainly not good enough for a upmarket bar..hello.... anywaay she didnt mention him and the fact I called it off Boxing day and hadnt seen him since I knew she would know but even she was too scared to ask knwoing the blunder she made last time. Anyway then got home and my gay friend came over when I realised I was expected at Suzane and tracys to find out all the goings on as all three of us were or at the end of threee very tumultous relationships so off we trotted and there I had too have some bubbles only thing to help the stories go down as tracys had told her to fuck off and that she had ruined his life and susans lover was there and she was trying to avoid the current who wanted to talk re marriage and then susanes lovely wanker ex husband called in and that was it i HAD TO HAVE A DRINK..........

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Latr in Day One

Well I had one glass of wine after we climbed the fence to get inot my brother in laws house to have a swim with my sister in law who was so hung over. All the blow up toys all 15 of them were still there so the kids had a ball. I had hoped to see Steve but he had to write for a seminar tomorrow in Singapore so we then went to the river and all the kids did skurfing. My ex rang wanting to know if I really wanted to call it off and to pick up some stuff but I said Yes its over. It feels sad but I am sick of feeling sad. I tried to have a sleep but couldnt so went to the river to get the girls after buying a Lotto Ticket I am going to be rich one day enough to pay my mortgage off and buy a navy blue porsche carrera. I bought Steve a hat from Country Road adndropped that off. I may take him to the airport in the am. I was hopingto have dinner with him but he is still writing. Another friend wanted to have a drnk but I said no As we all know why. I went to the Gym and still weigh 79.5 that shits me as I was sure i was 75 not so long ago and i feel better now and slimmer than I did then . Oh well... I had better up the anti and be stonger

Day 1

Its the 2nd of January and the beginning of 60 Days which will end on March the 2nd.
I plan to loose ten kilos, drink no more than one glass of champagne a day as I realised it was ridiculous to quit completely as if I died tomorrow I would hate to think I didn't have that enjoyment of a glass of bubbles however I Will try.
I am also going to finish 2 paintings to enter into the Animal Archibald Prize and The Archibald Prize in Sydney. I am paitintg a dog and fr the real one I am painting Tahnee who won Australia's Top model last year as she is a friend of Tillys.
I also booking a flight to melb or Tasha s 28th birthday for the weekend as that is the 5th March and Steve has written in his diary and we both have goals to loose the weight. HE just rang and said Now be serious.. HE doesn't know I am blogging. but its a part of me having the discipline to do it so I will. I also am letting go of my ex who i have talked about earlier. He text this morning asking why I went off him and asking me one day to explain. I don't htink I need to. He should never have said "be happy with a overweight mother of two children".He should never have bought the presents he did when he was going to give me a day in a day spa or a trip to Bali something to pamper myself with as last year was such a bad year and he should never have rung me at 1130 at night saying he is coming to see me after not inviting me ot a Xmas party and then coming over here. I told him not to treat me as a hooker which is what it was. On New years he text at 11pm and I said if your serious about wanting to be with me and make amends get over here for midnight to clecbrate and start the new year afresh but that is not the same as coming over for a root but he doesn't get that. Anyway I am off to the gym am cutting down the fags and hers to day 1 of no texts to return to him and no drunk nights weeping into my pillow and to weight loss.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

Now I know 60 days was to start today but I have decided it is the start of the new year and I have a bottle of Vintage Moet that needs to be drunk I will have that today and start 60 days tomorrow.
I had a fun new years drank tattinger at a friends then went to my old boyfriend s whom I love but he dosent love me as I am too fat but he is too so we both joke about it but he has just bought a plane and if I am to fly in it I have to loose 10 kiols as its only a small plane so that is part of the deal too he does to and he has already los ten but needs to loose another 10-15 so we are doing it together even though he will be away for the next two months in singapore and then melbourne learning to fly. SO we drank buubles and I came home at 1145 and could find nothing to drink except cask wine left over by the teenagers so i toasted the New Year to myself with a Coolabah 4 litre cask of wine and dropped off to sleep only to wake wide eyed and not hung over at 6 am . Had c couple of SMS from the ex boyfriend asking to talk but i told him not to call me againm then I said am off for a walk near your house did he want to meet me but he didnt answer so I have to start 60 days tomorrow so the finishe date will be March 2nd which will be Steves birthday and if I do it I will treat myself to a trip to Melbourne......... to see Tasha for her birthday on March 5th Then I am off to the beach and get ready for my last day before the fight of the addictions begin...And tomorrow I will enrol in my course Greeks for travellers at uni summer school. Actually while i think of it when I went walking today I saw a real spunk and as he stretched i said Good boy limber up .... He thenran past me again when i was stretching and said good girl LIMber up.. Oh good start to the new year because I do look good sure a bit overwight but I am voluptuous with great tits and curves in all the right spaces.. I am so going to be thin this year after getting over these addictions..... Till tomorrow asas i have 8 hungover teenagers to feed breakfast too and i HAVE MADE EGG AND BACON PIES rock melon pineapple nectarines fresh juice and lots of water and then i will drop a pie into steve then head to beach... HAppy New Years day then i will come home and continue to paint.This is my year.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

one day to go

I woke feeling pretty fresh only drank one bottles of bubbles. Went to the beach this am early and lauhed so much with two friends as one was trying to skulk out of spending new years tongith with her boyfriend as she has met someone else, the other was so hung over last to be seen feeding a guy asparagus whilst sitting on his lap and it wasnt her boyfriend who was stalking her at the beach at 615 am..... so laughter started our day. I then drove isable to the airport as she was off to the whitsundays and both her and her boyfriend didnt bother to clean their teeth or showere but sprayed impulse over there clothes in the car. If it had been tilly she would have had her hair done makeup on and smelling beauitful... SO then went to vidsit a friend on crutches then went to the gym to pound some weight off as he had said a comment about settling for an overweight mother of two teenagers rather than run off with a prositiute which his friend was about to do. ..... S$*7>, Anyway with earphones on and music blaring to I just havent found you yet...I sort of felt a bit sad but then I thought that this year tilly got into the australian under 18 water polo team and izzy got 93.65 which is a very high score in her tee so i have done ok as a single mum,,,,,, and then i felt i have done it with vitually no help from my family money wise and i got 450 to go towards one of tillys trips apart from that I have done it on my own so no wonder i get a bit tired and cranky. Anyway I am on a mission to get to Kythira this year and i will be thin too .fCK HIS OVERWIEGHT MOTHER OF TWO COMMENT. SO TOMORROW ITS 60 DAYS WITHOUT EITHER....... HEAVENS TO BETSY

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

२ मोरे देस तिल थे ६० देस स्टार्ट

सो tomorrow is New Years Eve day and all I can say is thank goodness this year has ended and I am so glad I have a chnace to start a fresh and from New years Day that will be 60 Days where I have to get over the two addictions. Yesterday I did a very good job on a bottle of MOET after my daughter gort her results for her final school year so I took the bottle down to my ex husbands her dads grave and drank the whole thing. I had nothing to eat yesterday and was stressed as my boyfriend hadnt called nor bothered to come and see me for 2 days despite me asking to meet nad discuss our issues once and for all so with my parents arriving too i lost it as they have given me no finacial help in my life and or emaotional suport, oh they looked after the kids for a week a year when they had the farm but not much more and they always expect me to work. the fact is this year i have orked night shift all year juggled a very angry boyfriend who will never let me forget my past and frankly I have had enought so come new years day its day 60 to get through and have no contact and as well trying to give up alcohol for 60 days . If I can do this I will ssvae enought money for my visiit to Kythira as I had to use my money put away for my trip as isabelle needed 650 dollars today for her trip tomorrow which I hadnt planeed for so my travel account is back to nort. There has been no work this week so i am not going out or spending any money. ANyway I drank far too much gotmorbidly upset and told my boyfriend its over. He said will talk tomooorw however today he said you have said enough so I said Good BYe .. I just cant do it anymore and not before new years eve.......... Over it. This mornign I re read my messages cringed at a few but i meant it.He didnt want to sort things out. I got a few other calls last night which I cant really remeber but Steve called me and said I am guessing you might need some fresh air this morning, How about a game of GOLF so we did and it was fun and easy and no hassle...So i have two more nights to drink then thats itfor awhile........or at least until Tilly wins a gold on Jan 24th.....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

स्टील डे ओने अगेन

SO i have had one day without one addiction and nil days without the ohther.
This 60 days is going to kill me..